Meet the Team

Clinical Team & Dental Hygienists

Ericka – Registered Dental Assistant

Ericka hails from right here in Sacramento – she’s a CK McClatchy grad! She studied dental assisting at Carrington College and uses that education to make our office a better place every day. We especially couldn’t do without her expertise in taking stellar x-rays.

She loves seeing the way a patient smiles after treatment is complete. Each and every day, those smiles make the schooling and long hours worth it.

Outside of work, Ericka enjoys traveling, hiking, watching movies, and going to baseball games. Above all else, there are three things she loves the most: Spending time with her furbabies, trying new foods and vacationing in Cabo.

Fun Fact: Ericka’s first job was at Subway.

Ericka’s Dental/Health tip: Exercise – get that body moving in order to stay healthy!


Janet – Registered Dental Hygienist

Janet grew up in a military family moving all over, but her family settled in Sacramento. Her friendly nature and personality are amazing at helping to build strong relationships with everyone who comes into the office.

She studied dental assisting and dental hygiene at Sacramento City College and then went back to school for her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene at the Oregon Institute of Technology. Caregiving has been in her blood since she was a kid. In fact, her very first job was babysitting at age 11. She currently takes care of her mother and has raised a daughter and a son.

There are two things in the world that Janet absolutely cannot live without: Chocolate and pasta. Probably not together, though.

Fun Fact: When Janet needs to get away for a little while, you can often find her at a movie theatre. Scary movies are her particular favorite. The scarier the better!

Janet’s Dental/Health Tip: Floss only the teeth you want to keep! (Yes, she stole this from an 80s dental poster.)


Kimi – Registered Dental Hygienist

Kimi loves to learn and teach. She’s excellent at helping patients learn about diagnoses, treatments, and personalizing at-home care.

She earned her a BA degree from CSU Sacramento, then began her dental career studying dental assisting at Western Career College. To become a registered dental hygienist she traveled to the Pacific Northwest and earned an associate’s degree from the Oregon Institute of Technology. Kimi joined our hygiene team in 2014.

There are four things that keep Kimi going every day: Friends, family, food, and fun. At any given time, you can find her either out with friends or enjoying a good meal. Often both at the same time. She’s also big on leading a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same.

Fun Fact: Kimi’s very first job was working as a coffee shop hostess.

Kimi’s Dental/Health Tip: Prevention is the name of the game. Living a healthy lifestyle will dramatically lower the risk of disease.


Administration Team

Cynthia – Patient Care Coordinator

Cynthia calls both San Francisco and Hercules home, but we’re glad she’s with us here in our Sacramento office. As a patient care coordinator, she keeps us running efficiently and on schedule. It wouldn’t be wrong to call her our office quarterback.

She actually went to school for dental assisting at Bryman College, so she’s not just good with scheduling and insurance. She really understands the ins and outs of the entire office.

Food and family are top on Cynthia’s list. With her husband, Joseph, they have one son, Xavier, and one daughter, Leila. These three make every day an adventure. With them, she loves to party, watch sports, and run off to the Bay Area for family shenanigans.

Fun Fact: Cynthia has been in the dental industry from a very young age. One of the very first jobs she ever had was as an after-school dental office helper.

Cynthia’s Dental/Health Tip: Keep on smiling! Seriously! Finding ways to de-stress in the whirlwind of everyday life is incredibly valuable.


Teri – Business Administrator

Teri was first introduced to the business side of dentistry when she married Dr. Yasuda. When they started their practice in 2002, she stepped into the role as business administrator. Spending most of her time behind the scenes, she supports Dr. Yasuda and his team to keep the practice running smoothly.

She is a UC Davis Aggie alumni and a farm girl from a small town in the Fresno area.

Outside of work, Teri is all about making life an adventure. She loves to try new restaurants, music, sweet treats, and books. She hopes to add more travels to that list!

Over everything else, family is her number one priority. With David, they have two sons, Davis and Scott. She’ll spend time with them anywhere, but her favorite places all have a tropical island vibe.

Fun Fact: Teri’s first job actually doesn’t exist anymore – she worked as a clerk for a video store.

Teri’s Dental/Health Tip: Do more things that make you forget to look at your smartphone.