Dental Technology

Digital Imaging

Digital imaging is a recent innovation in dentistry that allows us to see more clearly the many details of your oral health. Through digital imaging, we are able to locate and diagnose dental issues more consistently and efficiently.

The other advantage of digital imaging is that we are able to see these images immediately and share them with you. Digital imaging also allows us to store your images, so that they can be easily transferred to specialists or your insurance company.

Oral Cancer Screening Through VELscope

Using the VELscope system we can find abnormalities in the tissues of your mouth, lips, and throat. Because of this technology we can identify areas that, if left untreated, could develop into oral cancer.

Obviously, finding oral cancer in its early stages is key to preserving your oral and overall health. We are proud to offer this service to our patients and excited about the ability we now have to obtain visual information that we could not have seen under ordinary light.

Intraoral Cameras

Using an intraoral camera allows us to show you what we see in your mouth. We love this dental tool because it provides a visual aid to you, our patients, allowing us to reveal potential dangers. We can also show you where and why restorative work is necessary.

Our ultimate goal is to keep your mouth healthy and vibrant. Using our intraoral camera we can capture images from your mouth and share them with you using a screen beside the dental chair. This live-stream video allows you to see exactly what is happening in your mouth and helps us explain what we can do to address any issues you may have.

Soft Tissue Dental Lasers

At the office of Dr. David Yasuda, we employ soft tissue dental lasers to help us treat our patients who suffer from gum disease and other soft tissue problems. Dental lasers allow Dr. Yasuda to provide more precise and virtually pain-free treatments to the affected areas. They also allow us to take care of the unhealthy tissue without affecting the healthy tissue that surrounds it.

For more information about our dental technologies, please give us a call. We will be happy to discuss with you how each technology works and how it can help you to preserve your oral health.