Restorative Dentist Restoring Sacramento Smiles

Everyone usually experiences a dental problem or two at some point in their lives, and what’s important to remember is that it’s not something you have to be ashamed about. Instead, visit Dr. David Yasuda so that he can give you back the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve as quickly and comfortably as possible! Whether you’re suffered a small cavity or missing teeth, our Sacramento dental team offers friendly, skilled restorative care that you’ll enjoy every step of the way.

Available treatment options include:

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Thankfully, noticeable amalgam fillings are a thing of the past here at our office. Instead, we specialize in providing filings made from quality composite resin that can be precisely shaded to match your natural smile. Better yet, they’re more conservative and less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, resulting in more comfort for the patient.

Porcelain Crown & Bridge

Dental crowns are very versatile, and we can use them to correct severe decay, structural damage, or even purely cosmetic flaws. Dental bridges, meanwhile, are created from multiple fused crowns, and they serve as a durable replacement for one or more missing teeth within the smile.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

If you’ve experienced severe tooth loss, denture can give patients the convenience, ease of use, and affordability they need. We offer both full dentures, which are designed to replace a complete arch of teeth, and partial dentures, which are designed like a puzzle piece to match your needs. Both options are easily removable for more comfortable sleep and easier cleaning.

Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are the clear frontrunners in tooth replacement solutions today due to their revitalizing oral health benefits, durable quality, and natural appearance. Once we determine that you’re a viable candidate for the procedure, Dr. Yasuda will be happy to recommend a trusted nearby specialist who can handle the surgical portion of your implants procedure. Once your mouth has successfully healed, you’ll return to our office so that we can design beautiful, new restorations to sit on top, completing the process.

No one should have to struggle with a damaged or hurting smile for long. Contact the office of Dr. David Yasuda today if you have any questions for our dedicated team members, or if you’re ready to schedule a first appointment for yourself or a loved one. Located in Sacramento, CA, we look forward to welcoming you as the newest member of our oral healthcare family.

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